together we'll find a way with words.

When you hire a copywriter, you want someone who listens: to you, your brand, and your target audience. 

At Lobster Copy, I listen to all three, and then I do my homework. Only when that’s done do I start writing.

The result?

Exceptional, research-backed copywriting that promotes your business, wins clients, and drives sales - at an affordable price.

From web copy to content writing, email marketing to SEO, when it comes to the language of your business, I share Voltaire’s ethos:

'No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.'

And as an award-winning academic English lecturer and copywriter, I’m pretty good at that.

So whatever problem you face, let’s talk about how I can bring my thinking and expertise to your business.

Contact me today, and let’s together find a way with words.